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My GOD! Emotions from reading this amazing book overflow me! I am a free spirit

— lMeibarra

It is easy to characterize this book in one word – masterpiece!

— Frandifor

You have to read it. Maybe it will change your life.

— Teidampa

All will enjoy this cleverly written satire. I found myself unable to stop turning the pages to see who Daisy would encounter next as she makes her way from humble beginnings to the world of Reality TV. What fun matching Daisy's dog friends and encounters with our own real world superstar culture.

The author is spot on describing the world of Reality TV as seen through the eyes of a lovable rat terrier, Daisy. The book is enhanced with the author's own original artwork and her dogisms, which are hilarious.

Buy this book. It's a tail-wagger!

— Nancy McShane

Daisy's Reality Show Adventure is a cleverly written account of a dog, living in an all-animal world, who embarks on the reality show circuit. The author reveals the protagonist's inner dog through her ups-and-downs. The short story tackles some of today's societal issues--Daisy is an activist dog with traditional values who lets her voice bark be heard. Thrust into a world that is foreign to her after her humble beginnings, she accepts the challenges of being part of the reality show culture by competing in American Howler after being discovered by a talent scout...stints on Top Mutt Chef, Project DogRun, and Retriever followed. In the end, Daisy has an epiphany after discussions with Dr. Phil McGrowl and her life changes.

Through this book the author is able to raise consciousness about the reality show phenomenon and popular culture. And through this satirical humor writing, makes the reader pause and think. It's obvious a lot of research was done by the author, as the breeds of dogs and their characteristics are well-depicted and there are many dogisms in the story. She obviously made herself aware of the Hollywood lifestyle and personalities and watched her share of reality TV in order to accurately portray her characters. It's an additional treat that the author illustrated her own book.

— Molly Henebry

Daisy's Reality Show Adventure is a fun story for kids and adults alike.

The story follows Daisy as she leaves behind her old world and begins the journey to stardom. In this reality TV world we live in, Daisy's story fits right in. The book is filled with satirical characters... you have to check it out! If you are a fan of American Idol (or should I say American Howl), buy this book as you won't be disappointed!!

— DJRichCT

Excellent social commentary on the lives of "stars" in the US. The artwork clearly illustrates the souls of the characters especially Daisy.

— linda grigerek

This review is from: Daisy's Reality Show Adventure (Paperback)

I choose this rating because I was very impressed at Carol Wallace's imagination and wisdom. Daisy overcame so many problems and due to her will to succeed she did. The art work was beautifully done. I guess the moral of the story was that no matter what you have happen to you in life, you can never give up and work to succeed. I also loved the names of the dogs.

— By Mary of Vero "Mary" (CT and FL)

Editor’s Testimonial

Out of over 400 books I've edited, Daisy's Reality Show Adventure was one of the most fun. Carol Wallace's dog/celebrity satire and humor is Spot on. Do not sit. Do not stay. Instead, roll over to your computer to buy and enjoy it today! If you do, you’ll be barking up the right tree.

— Cliff Carle, Editor